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Over 20 years experience in commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance in the central region of the UK. 

Secland Group provides a range of specialist landscaping expertise to the commercial construction industry, from ground clearance, pre-work enabling ecological safeguarding, to tree planting and landscaping of finished projects. 

Based centrally in Warwickshire, Secland Group can offer high quality skilled solutions to the whole spectrum of clients, including local authorities, housing developers, government agencies and the commercial construction industry. 

Depending on the requirements of the project brief, clients can request a full-service offering, taking care of the entire project. Alternatively, Secland Group can simply assist and advise on the project as a third party, or undertake specific rectification works. 


Secland Group have an experienced team of professionals offering everything from landscape design to ground maintenance for commercial developments. 

Working together with the customer and other stakeholders, the expertly skilled teams are fully capable of tackling all obstacles encountered at any stage of the project, including rectification of completed works. 

With a full design service by qualified architect available on request, Secland Group can provide tree planting of all sizes with or without aftercare. The installation of all types of fencing, decking and stone paving, and planting schemes are additional trades that the company can also offer. 

The key business areas


Secland Group provides cost-effective annual or one-off packages for grounds maintenance. 

Working across all types of commercial sites, sports grounds and domestic and sheltered housing, the client can rest assured that they have the right specialists on site. 

Whether the project requires on-going work or simply a one-off makeover, Secland Group will agree a transparent plan to professionally tidy the site with the capability to adapt to the job, whatever the size or shape. 


Trees and other plantation can commonly cause problems for developers or landowners. 

Prior to development, Secland Group can professionally undertake the necessary arboriculture to ensure that the site is fit for the next stage, or to meet planning conditions. 

The skilled team can clear sites of all sizes, types and complexities. Arborists at Secland Group are trained to undertake tree felling, scrub clearance and vegetation removal, crown reductions and thinning, woodland thinning or safeguarding of dangerous trees caused by storms. 


At Secland Group, nature is taken seriously. The company can effectively manage environmental conditions on behalf of commercial developers. Drawing on years of experience, services to complete invasive weed surveys and control varieties such as Japanese knot Weed, Giant Hogweed, Balsam and Mares Tail can be carried out using latest techniques. 

With specialist knowledge of ponds, lakes, marsh or bog, and habitat creation, the team of trained professionals have experience of safeguarding habitats and species living in a potential development. All types of reptile fencing can be installed to protect species, as well as more standard grassland management works maintaining wildflower meadows or mowing regimes for clients.