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Skilled experts in commercial landscaping, property management in Warwickshire. Secland Group was established in 1996 by founder, David Hinde. 

Through projects it has been involved in for the last 20 years, the company has evolved into becoming the leading experts in the landscaping, maintenance and property services in the Warwickshire area. 

Within the areas of landscaping, improvements to existing builds or gardens, estate maintenance, and facility management, Secland Group prides itself on providing high quality skilled workers who are able to adapt to and manage challenging situations, as the project requires. 

The Secland Group team

Secland Group employees not only bring manpower and skilled trades, but also an expertise in problem solving, mediation with residents, customer services through remedial work to property after completion, and landscape redesign.

Accepting no compromise on quality, Secland Group employs the right talent and effective processes to achieve optimum results for the client. The versatile approach means that the onsite teams have the ability to adjust to the needs of the project, taking on board any complexities that may arise from any of the stakeholders.

With dedicated teams experienced in each area, Secland Group currently operates on multiple sites, across the country, centrally managed from the Warwickshire office.

Clients and past projects include working with local authorities, government agencies and other bodies in the commercial construction industry. It also has ongoing contracts with national housing developers such as Bovis Homes, Cala Homes and Linden Homes.

The key business areas


Secland Group can handle all aspects of landscaping.

Covering a full spectrum of tasks from ground clearance to securing natural habitats to protect wildlife, they assist agencies and homebuilders to make sure land meets planning conditions prior to project instigation.

Secland Group can also then be involved in the implementation of the construction project if required.


With 2 beautiful locations of fully serviced grade II listed offices, and 2 commercial sites for temporary storage in the Warwickshire area, Secland Group delivers unrivalled service. For existing businesses, it can offer ‘ready to go’ serviced offices, or for new or relocating businesses, Secland Group can help in the search or renovation of existing properties. They can offer a ready-made solution for companies relocating to the county, or can assist with the search and renovation of an existing estate.


Secland Group offers expert services for internal and external property projects.Whether it is indoor developments such as property maintenance, or outdoor rectification of ‘problem’ projects such as redesigning garden drainage, Secland Group can tackle the task in hand.

The team of troubleshooters can handle everything from tiling, decoration, plumbing and electrics, as well as outdoor skills to provide a full service to customers.